Monthly Update – September

By September 16, 2018May 10th, 2021Chapter News

These last two months have been incredibly active for Acacia. On our first week, we met at Applebee’s and decided to have a brotherhood retreat and go over: strategic goals, planned events, and our recruitment plan. Needless to say, we’ve been having an absolute blast at hosting events, meeting new people, and working with the school. The chapter is on track to having every member be part of another organization, our GPA is on the rise, a growing biweekly food event, and a stronger campus presence.

A big focus this year aside from recruitment is professional development. Last year, we passed a requirement that all members be part of another organization on campus. This served two main purposes: getting to know other people on campus, as well as establishing us as the leaders around Trine University. So far, we are slowly meeting this goal from last year. It is already serving us well as more people begin to recognize our name around the university. The previous year, our GPA was lower than what we were happy with, so we took dramatic steps to improve it. More strict study hours, as well as more flexible opportunities to acquire them has proven beneficial as we’ve turned our GPA around. Brother David Richards and Zachary Brown have also taken steps to begin our first official Acacia professional development plan. This is intended to provide associate members and active members opportunities to grow and develop past the pledging period. We’re excited to see where we can take the program!

Along with Friday Night Floats N Fries, we’ve had a handful of successful events around campus that have secured us more notoriety. We’ve begun heavily advertising Floats N Fries more and with great success. Having a higher turnout than ever before the previous Friday, we are excited to see how it can grow. The chapter has also decided to begin hosting cookouts at the Chapter House to secure more names and establish a higher presence. We’ve also begun going to various sports events around campus to show our support to Trine University and support our athletic teams. We believe this is critical for our success at the school.

Overall this semester looks very promising for priming us for the Spring Semester going forward.

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