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Our origin is distinctive, and our record distinguished. From leading roles in business and government, to education and the arts, Acacians are unique due to the life-changing experience of Acacia.


Acacia is a non-hazing, non-discriminatory organization. With a motto of Human Service and mission of Together, Building Exceptional Lives, our members enjoy a positive experience. From regular dry social events, intramural athletics, campus events to alumni outings – there is always something exciting to do with your brothers in Acacia.


Studies by the North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) and Gallup Research indicate that men and women in leadership settings are more likely to excel in all areas of well-being: Purpose, Social, Financial, Community, and Physical. Acacia men enjoy greater workplace engagement and feel more prepared for life after college. From specific programs to the very nature of communal living and organizational management, Acacia truly fulfills its vision.


Acacia’s Cornerstones program provides a foundation upon which our members build habits to succeed on campus and in life after college. With a focus on goal-setting and experiential learning, Cornerstones Personal Development Program provides a framework for individual success and personal growth. Cornerstones promotes a combination of guest speakers and presentations that encourage mental, physical, social and spiritual growth.


The Acacia Fraternity Foundation and local awards thousands of dollars of scholarships every year to deserving undergraduate members. Additionally, gifts made by generous donors help support our members in attending International Acacia events like Conclave and the Acacia Leadership Academy.


  • At Acacia, we understand the value of academics and try to facilitate a studious environment at all times.
  • Brotherhood and the strong bond between our actives is what makes Acacia different from other organizations. Trust, cooperation and respect between every member creates a very comfortable environment to undertake any project or activity.
  • The social scene at Acacia is extremely active. We typically have monthly events, including our annual sorority Formal Mixer in the Spring/Fall, and Night on the Nile Party in April. One formal is always on the calendar per semester.
  • Acacia’s involvement in campus activities and and community service has earned it numerous honors from both Trine and Acacia. Along with our Acacia Claus philanthropy event held every December, Acacia’s motto of “Human Service” promotes community involvement.

The opportunities are endless, and the benefits speak for themselves. Each year, thousands of young men enter the working world with the competitive advantage of the community experience and alumni contacts.

If you are a male high-school student headed to or undergraduate male student at Trine and would like to learn more about joining Acacia, please look around this site to learn more.

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