Acacia Across the Nation

What are we?

As a collective, we are a group of engineers, entrepreneurs, politicians, businessmen and, most importantly, brothers. We are each others active resource and support for any and all challenges that college provides us. On campus, we strive to be leaders in our respective fields, service, as well as student organizations. Many professors at campuses around the country are themselves members of our fine fraternity, and a healthy network of thousands of alumni are always eager to help.

With over 30 chapters and counting across the country, Acacia is constantly improving in our mission of “preparing tomorrow’s leader”. Our cutting edge membership program is designed to develop your inborn talents, giving you the tools you need to have an impact on your community after graduation. To do this, our organization brings together a diverse group of likeminded individuals and pairs them with our success proven undergraduate program to promote excellence in academics, leadership, and service.

Who are we?

What are your letters? Acacia is the only founding member of the National Interfraternity Council to choose a full Greek word as its name rather than a few letters. Our name, Acacia, comes from the Greek word AKAKIA which has several different meanings. Acacia means “distinctiveness and leadership among men“, “brotherhood“, and “strength and ruggedness of the spirit“. Acacia was founded in 1904 by 14 Master Masons at the University of Michigan.

The Acacia Chapter at Tristate University was originally founded on January 29, 1967. However, our roots go much further. Originating from the Sigma Mu Sigma Chapter at Tristate, they sought a national fraternity to identify with. Acacia, being a fraternity that closely aligned with Sigma Mu Sigma ideals, was chosen. After a number of years, the chapter was closed in 1979 for reasons unknown to this day. Due to the efforts of alumni such as Vince Arizzi and Paul Belpasso, the Acacia Chapter at the newly named Trine University would be returning after many years of dormancy. Refounded on September 28th, 2013, the chapter officially made its return to Trine Campus. You can see the hard-work and happiness shown by our alumni pictured above while receiving our charter.

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